Massachusetts moving
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This is my page where I am putting links for me and Robyn :)

I wanted to get rid of all that default text (from the template). so, since I was here anyway adding some massachusetts job info - I thought I would get a start.

maybe this will be like a "news" page? hmmm...

well.. today is 11/24/2001, in case you were wondering (if you weren't you know now anyway :-p )

following the template.. it looks like I was supposed to put info on the entire site in this paragraph. darn it.. now I lost the template :-P.

well.. these instructions should go somewhere.. so why not here (I tell you why not here.. wait.. thats off topic.. well not entirely.. hold on a sec):

new stuff gets added at the top :)

so, this is the bottom.. oh well.. I am breaking my own rule (just this once? we can only hope :P )


(and.. after editing this I discovered the "whats new section".. way too low! I think I should just delete it. but I got another web site I want to add to "jobs". choices choices. )

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I hope to update this page often with new photos.

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