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are these guys in massachusetts? I think they do some sort of open source database stuff. They have both software engineering and training available... no specific job postings though :-/


that last entry made me realize that I should probably be putting a date on these things.. actually its two "doors" down at this point. cause that job probably won't be there forever (if it is.. something might be wrong :p?). i'm typing too much stuff now.. so why not do more: more on that job: mentioned relocation issues.. swe must mean software engineer and it had details on job which sounded interesting- on the gui- but I forget.. anyway.. this text was supposed to be about (ughhh.. I even just gave away the link.). I didn't sign up there yet. I don't know.. seems like you got to pay at some point (which makes sense.- but do I have to right away?). who wants dsl free? wait.. maybe thats good :-/? hmmmmm.


well that seemed fruitful :P. here is a link to a recruiting company like the kind that helped me find interviews in maryland (back in the "good old days", blech).
its one of those national companies too.. has job advice and such.. says it is "staffing solutions" ---
this is the contact for that gui job below, by the way.


I finally went to look on - because I forget to search for contract positions and instead just searched for jobs or something like that on google.. found a (rather long) link on headhunter about three results down, should do this again and choose springfield instead of boston.. anyway.. I think I could do this job- gui- swe? couldn't tell if the link was to the recruiters or the job... (found a link on here to a contractor site? perhaps: I loaded it in to another window and will look at it momentarily)


technical recruiters - includes contract positions external and internal and permanent - had a listing on 11/14/2001 for $15 an hour customer representative? + phone number + in waltham. I found "willing to learn new databases" as intriguing and the fact that the site has a place to request info about getting training or getting contract or permanent jobs and a phone number. the positing I saw required previous customer service experience though.. but I have a lot of client experience..

sullivan cogliano?

technical support position at mathsoft! Looks like I have the prereqs. (in cambridge) I wonder what they are thinking of in terms of hours?

mathsoft tech support job

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