Massachusetts moving


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tufts - here is the info I need to find:


length of program - requirements, full time/part time

admission requirements

- do I need the gre subject/general
- letters
- forms

admission deadlines

actually this all probably goes for umass as well.

visiting uvm cs dept

tufts (medford? just north of boston I think) has a cool linux class! is it graduate or undergraduate?

as listed for this fall in course listing

course homepage :)

computer science at lowell (umass).

can't find admission deadline...

they have off campus job help...

they have graduate student web pages

they require stuff I haven't done (and stuff I have, like the gre) but if you haven't it becomes a requirement.. gre is one of them. they have a graduate linux users group :)

hmmm... I wonder about being non-degree at first?

anyway.. the web site:

u mass lowell computer science

yahoo colleges in MA

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