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I'm recording a list of my old books, as I consider taking them over to the used book store to sell.
1. Robert Leckie, The Wars of America, Vol. I. Harper and Row, 1968
2. Diodorus Siculus, VIII, Books XVI.66-XVII, Translated by C. Bradford Welles
Loeb Classical Library, Harvard University Press, 1983
+ van uitert, van gogh drawings, william v. harris war and imperialism in republican rome - 327-70 BC, Descartes - Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy - translated by Donald Cress, Seneca 8- Tragedies I, Pliny Letters and Panegyricus II - translated by Betty Radice
sold all except the wars of america and the van gogh yesterday: $16
1. K. D. White, Greek and Roman Technology (Cornell University Press, 1984).
(from zotero off amazon -- actually thames and hudson copyright) 2. Appian's Roman History, III, translated by Horace White, loeb classical library, 1979 3. Greek Lyric Poetry, a selection. D.A. Campbell. St. Martins, 1967 copyright
4.The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon, edited by JB Bury, AMS Press, 1974 from 1909 edition, vol I
5. Aristotle, the Politics, translated/etc. Carnes Lord, Chicago 1984
6. Alexander the Great, ww. tarn. Beacon Press, Boston (uua!) reprinted by arrangement with cambridge university press, from their 1948 first publishing.
7. Basho, the narrow road to the deep north and other travel sketches, penguin classics, translated by Nobuyuki Yuasa, 1966 copyright by translator, 1983(?) penguin published

At some point I'd like to make some summaries of activities and compare to online prices/etc.

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11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

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