playing chess with robyn
Dec 4,2001

Robyn is a very good chess player:

She hasn't played as much as I have though. Or so it seems. Our very first game was last weekend - I think on saturday. Robyn won :). Then we played some more on sunday. This was dec 01 and 02, 2001. I hope that I get to play chess with robyn a lot more, cause she is cute.. ermm.. I mean cause its fun :) (and cause she is cute :) )

I'm going to add links as I find them. I did a search on google today (tuesday dec 04) - I think it was on "chess strategy". anyway, I found a cool site. It talks some about the importance of developing your pieces towards the center. Or at least about how knights are much more powerful there. I am putting the link in the page for this day (the first entry !)

Somewhere on this site I will eventually better organize these links. I hope so anyway. We will see what happens. Maybe there will be links to categories here?

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