Dec 4,2001
playing chess with robyn

the place where things will be organized.. perhaps

Like by adding in the first link, I discovered the concept of "knight outposts" (and learned to remember the name - at least for now.. the first post on today's page shows that I didn't at first :-P ). Maybe I will find more info on this concept - or put together info on why the center is important or on the concept of "devoloping one's pieces" which I mentioned in the intro :-/. Eventually there should be a set of useful links here too, by subject and also maybe links to entryways to major sites (like the exeter site, for which I don't yet have a link anywhere to the entrance)

I need more pictures too, thats one thing I like about that first link.. the pictures. animation would be good too.. and maybe some interactivity? I *could* put in applets.. though that seems like much trouble.. or does it? Takes a lot of space in any case... the issue of knights moving slowly reminded me of the pieces in avalon hill's vintage gettysburg game, sadly it doesn't seem to be worth much more than I bought it for... (did a search on ebay today)