day one
yesterday r was talking to me about taking certification exams. I think she said that she took the a+ certification exam.
anyway.. this could get to be a long story if I tell it this way.. so..
anyway.. I ended up on a site which describes the exam!
so.. while reading a sample question.. I ended up here...
man this could get monotonous.. that link is currently stored in my browser history.. its about 100BASE TX ethernet (cable? I presume) I found a bunch of tutorials there but they were hard to understand.. then I found another site when I searched on the number of wires anyway the tutorials showed me that xerox parc was already doing ethernet :) here is a link about "slotted ALOHA" from there: (no real link yet that is too monotonous..
oh.. how my mind wanders sometimes.. hehe.. but I like fixing things. Time to build my own computer and/or install linux on my ipaq ( :) )
I also found this one.. fun to browse.. though I am getting stuck on one topic here.. I think I need to get back to the cert exam page sometime soon ..